Summary of the KHIST Board Meeting – 14.05.18

The meeting was held in the Kidderminster Harriers Social & Supporters’ Club

There were 4 board members in attendance with apologies received from Gareth Doyle

The minutes of the meeting on 15th March 2018 were approved as a true record.

Treasurer’s report and related discussions:

  • The 31st March accounts (end of the Financial Year) have been completed and have been circulated to the board. These have been prepared in suitable form for the annual audit.
  • As per previous minutes the accounts record an outstanding debt of £9500, in respect of KHIST funds held by KHFC.
  • Bank account balances remain in healthy condition enabling a further transfer towards the funding of our Club’s long term security.
  • The accounts as at 30th April have yet to be finalised.
  • In order to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the Trust will not retain copies of bank mandates in future


Membership matters:

  • We are still recruiting new members, albeit in mid-term.
  • Adult membership has increase by a net 90, since 31.03.17.
  • Members for whom we have inadequate or incorrect personal information are being identified and contacted.
  • In advance of 2018 renewals, consideration will be given to the practicality of offering extended membership categories.
  • The review of Corporate KHIST membership, as agreed at the previous board meeting, has still to be completed. A check will be made as to whether discounts previously offered to KHIST members are still current.

KHIST 2020 lottery :

  • Notwithstanding a disappointing end to the club’s season, total receipts for the May draw have remained constant.
  • Attention will be given to the updating of the website and the facebook page, when other priorities have been completed.
  • A new mandate, recently received, has yet to be forwarded to the bank. The lottery numbers have already been allocated and will be included in the next draw.
  • An A5 version of the mandate form is now available, for the convenience of board members, agents and other ticket sellers.
  • Social media postings on twitter and facebook are now working satisfactorily.
  • It’s been suggested that space on lottery tickets could be used to promote KHIST membership.. This is now under consideration.
  • As noted above, KHIST will no longer retain copies of bank mandates, in order to comply with GDPR.
  • A message is to be posted on the website and on the KHIST noticeboard in the Social Club, to inform members how they can purchase their lottery tickets in the close-season.
  • At the recent draw, a KHIST member accepted an invitation to ‘draw’ the first winning ticket and, unbelievably, the winner of the £500 was the same lucky participant who carried off the prize in April. We do not know the odds of this happening but, have recorded other similar cases, albeit not for a double winning of the top prize
  • The next draw will be held on Sunday 10th June (8.00pm) in the Kidderminster Harriers Social & Supporters Club. Members and participants will be welcome to attend and will be invited to take part in the draw, if they wish

Information Technology

  • Considerable efforts have recently been directed towards arranging compliance with the provisions of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which come into effect on 25th May 2018. We have taken account of advices received and, in particular the online legal appraisal made available to us as members of Supporters Direct. The main intention of GDPR appears to be to control the use of personal data for marketing purposes. KHIST do not use personal data for marketing. However, the Trust is required to comply with aspects of the Regulations, which have been identified and the necessary actions will be completed in good time. In particular:-
  1. A draft Privacy Policy had been circulated prior to the meeting and, subject to some agreed revisions, will be introduced and shown on the website.
  2. A draft Procedures Notice has been approved and will be issued to all current members, and to new members on registration.
  3. A draft GDPR Data Agreement has been approved. This document is to be signed by our support consultant and on behalf of KHIST, to ensure the security of personal data whilst the consultant is providing I.T. support.
  • 3 of the 4 security updates referred to in the last board minutes have been completed, but there are now 3 outstanding. Our I.T. consultant will be contacted for advice.
  • The proposed overhaul of the website must be temporarily delayed whilst other priorities receive attention.
  • The facebook page is to be updated and suitable photographs are to be identified..

KHFC matters:

  • The club has called an EGM of shareholders for Tuesday 22nd May, to propose a change in the Articles of Association. The draft Articles of Association have not been produced but, we will contact the club’s Company Secretary for clarification. The Trust will be represented by the same 3 board members who attended the recent AGM and, as we have yet to determine the legal situation, will be content for the existing agreement regarding our voting rights.
  • We’ve had no further contact from the Club regarding its proposal that we should have an end of season review. It’s probable, however, that there have been other priorities at this time.

KHSSC Matters

  • Alan Woodhall was elected Chairman at the recent AGM, by a overwhelming majority vote.
  • The Trust will now proceed with efforts to promote mutual co-operation between our 2 organisations and will endeavour to arrange a meeting with the new Chairman..


Supporters Direct

  • Our Treasurer confirmed his personal enrolment with the non-League Trusts Network (part of the Supporters Direct Hub, accessed by invitation only). This is a means of connecting with other Trusts to discuss important issues and, it’s suggested that other board members may wish to enrol.
  • Members’ Day 2018 is to be held in Birmingham on 20th May.

Harriers’ Trust FC

  • The board has agreed to sponsor 3 trophies for the end of season presentation evening. and have been invited to present these to the winners on Saturday 19th May, at the ‘Brew & Cue Club’.
  • The ‘Trust’ has had a very successful run in to the season’s end, so far, and, we will be posting details of results on the KHIST website, in due course.

Other business:

  • We will consult with the S.D. Hub’s Non-League Network to seek advice from other Trusts regarding insurance markets

The next meeting has provisionally been arranged for 8pm on Monday 2nd July.

There being no other business, the meeting was closed at approximately 9.50pm