Summer draws

How to take part this Summer 



It can sometimes be difficult for you to give your support to the lottery in the closed-season, but there are several ways you can continue to take part in the Monthly Draw:-



You can buy £1.00 cash tickets from your usual agent/ ticket seller or from a KHIST board member.



You can make monthly payments by Standing Order to guarantee your entry. Use this link to print a Mandate Form:-

or ask any KHIST board member for assistance

N.B. – The completed mandate should be returned to the address shown on the form. Your allocated lottery numbers will then be detailed as a reference, before it is forwarded to your bank. KHIST will not retain your details.



You can buy tickets in multiples of 5 at our online store by using this link:

There is no limit to the number of £1.00 entries/tickets you can buy.