The Social Club

It’s been brought to our attention that there have been objections raised by one or two non-KHIST members with regard to the agreement we have with the Social Club, whereby our members have KHSSC matchday membership on presentation of their KHIST membership cards. These may, of course, be the disruptive actions of persons having their own agenda but, in case there has been a genuine misunderstanding, we have agreed to make it quite clear that our arrangement is for matchday access to the club only, and that KHIST members wanting to join as full KHSSC members, are required to make formal application and pay the annual membership fee, as would any other applicant. We do encourage our members to take up full KHSSC membership as the club has, for some time, been the Trust’s base and provides excellent facilities for us to socialise but, this is entirely optional.

Any KHIST member can obtain Social Club membership application forms (1) from a KHIST board member, (2) from the KHSSC reception or (3) by downloading from our website. Proposers and seconders, who must be existing KHSSC members, can be arranged, if required.

We hope this notice will now ensure that there can be no ongoing misunderstanding regarding the benefit of our KHSSC “matchday membership”.