Time is running out

Board members of KHIST met with the current KHFC board (Wayne Allen and Keith Chandler) along with Mark and Ruth Serrell last night. A full and frank meeting took place and we were informed of the following facts –

1 – The club need to find £155,000 by this Tuesday 8th February lunchtime or the club face being forced into a CVA or worse. If this money is found, based on current cashflow forecasts by the current board, the club are confident this situation can be avoided.

2 – The players and staff will be paid a proportion of their outstanding salaries today (Monday 7th February)

3 – As is common knowledge the club face a winding up order for unpaid tax on the 23rd February which amounts to £16,000.

4 – Currently there is a further £52,000 owed to small creditors.

These points fully explain the gravity of our current financial situation. The KHIST board are extremly critical of the running of the football club in recent years. Despite media speculation the problems have not occurred since October 2010. Assurances from former Chairman Barry Norgrove on the 6th October saying ‘we aren’t in any massive debt or danger at this moment’  (khfc official website) were clearly wrong.

KHIST feel supporters should draw a line under this most destructive period of the clubs 125 year history that has taken us to the brink of financial ruin. We all now need to look to the future and what us supporters can offer KHFC. KHIST maintain their aim to seek representation on the board of KHFC and give supporters a voice in the running of our football club. We urge ALL supporters to join KHIST to have your say in the future of our football club.

If you are able to help the club with the debts currently owed then please contact KHIST urgently, details below. We would like to thank supporters for their generosity at Saturday’s game where £2300 was raised via the bucket collections and will be contributed to pay players outstanding wages. We’d like to thank the players for their patience and we continue to be proud of their performances on the pitch in difficult circumstances.

This Saturday we have another home game with Altrincham and we urge everyone to attend this game and give generously. We will continue with our succesful media campaign throughout this week to give widespread attention to the clubs plight. Supporters are urged to send their suggestions/ideas direct to KHIST.

We would like to thank Wayne Allen and Keith Chandler for their tireless efforts in trying to secure the future of our football club. Furthermore we’d also like to thank Mark and Ruth Serrell for their exceptional contribution over the past few months.

Now is the time for action. If you wish to contribute and save this unique and famous football club we would love to hear from you. If you are a genuine KHFC supporter or indeed a football supporter our details are below for you to contact us direct.

KHIST board members are made up of exlusivly of supporters who only have the best interests of KHFC and its supporters at heart.

David Pountney – Chairman – dave.pountney@khist.org.uk – 07872 915886

Steve Millington – Vice Chairman – steve@khist.org.uk – 07732 333573

Karl Davies – Board Member (for all media enquiries) – karl@khist.org.uk – 07769 740303