Welcoming Ian Nash

Ian Nash We are delighted to welcome Ian Nash onto the KHIST Board. On his appointment Ian said  :

‘I’ve been a ‘mad’ football supporter since, at the age of 6, when I was taken to Molineux for a Wolves match in 1949. Since then, my allegiance has changed once and only once. That occurred shortly after I moved to Kidderminster during the 1981/2 season. My  love for non-league football and specifically the Harriers has grown out of all proportion and could now be described  as an obsession. The number of matches (home and away) I’ve missed in the last 10 years can probably be counted on one hand. That makes me a true fan in anyone’s language.

I have had the greatest respect for KHIST Board members since the Trust was set up and have tried to support their efforts . I’m now of the persuasion that I should be more involved in these activities and believe I have the necessary commitment to make a difference. The Club is nothing without it’s supporters and I hope to have some influence in representing their views., I’m at every match and will make myself available to listen to fans’ views and concerns. Hopefully then, I can persuade others to see the benefits of KHIST membership’