KHIST are delighted that, following discussions with Kidderminster Harriers Football Club over the last few months,  a fans representative has been invited to join the board of directors.

We have worked extremely close with the club since November. Throughout this period we have maintained that one of our primary aims would be to gain board representation and give supporters a voice in the running of our football club ; we feel this will lead to a more open and transparent club.

After discussions with the KHFC board of directors over recent weeks we were asked to put forward a representative. Following a democratic vote the KHIST board have elected Karl Davies.  At the KHIST AGM in six months time, both parties will be able to evaluate the success of the directorship and KHIST will then be able to poll its members and democratically elect its representative.

Karl has been involved with KHIST since last year and started supporting Harriers in March 1976. He has done most jobs around the club including running the club shop, the away travel and even building terracing. Karl has been a company director for four years and held senior management positions for the last 17 years. We are sure all members will join the KHIST board in wishing him well in his new role.

However, we must not rest on our laurels and this should be seen as just the start of even more hard work. With supporters taking on a more active role at the football club, surely we can have a stronger football club? The days where a football club could be bankrolled by one individual are gone. We cannot expect the directors to meet a deficit each season.

The football club will now be run as a business and major changes are proposed otherwise we will find ourselves in another precarious financial situation further down the line. We want the club to attain maximum possible success on the pitch but only within available and sustainable financial and human resources.

We hope to help create new objectives such as encouraging future supporters through an active community scheme and engagement with the local area. With our help the club need to unlock new sources of revenue and build up the clubs income to a point it can have long term sustainability. This will not happen overnight but if we all pull in the same direction this can be achieved.

We need to appeal to the wider community and create a product that the local area can relate to. We have a hardcore of supporters but you cannot expect the same people to keep putting their hands in their pockets all the time. The recent ‘Operation Full House’ project proved that the community do care.

It is hoped that by having a fans representative on the board of KHFC that it will bring a range of benefits to both the club and supporters. We will have to work through issues concerning confidentiality but the KHIST representative will act in the best interests of supporters although all sensitive information must remain in the boardroom. We encourage members to send in their questions and ideas so that we can raise them on your behalf and improve communication between both parties.

We’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone for their support over recent weeks that have enabled KHIST to already pass over £16,000 to the club in the last week alone.

The club needs its supporters to actively get involved with the football club NOW and we appeal to our members and other Harriers supporters to come together and help the club perform as well off the pitch as on it.

What can supporters do?

Join KHIST – We now have over 700 members and hope to represent ALL Harriers supporters. Membership is just £1 for Adults and 50p for Under 16’s. HERE

Support KHIST/KHFC activities – Whether that is the 2020 Lottery, buying a season ticket or just supporting one of the many events.

Volunteer – The club require help as they try to cut costs. Can you spare a few hours to help the club then please fill out our form. HERE

Suggestions/Ideas – We welcome and need the support of our members and invite any questions or ideas that will be raised direct at board level at monthly meetings. HERE