Your KHIST membership

1st September is the date when memberships fall due for renewal and, whilst over 170 of our current 400 members are already signed up for 2019/20, it’s quite a formidable task for our volunteers to make contact with those of you who have yet to renew,

We now have 2 home matches in quick succession – Alfreton Town on Saturday and Brackley Town on Tuesday) and, as usual, we will be manning the KHIST tables until shortly before kick-off times. It will be most helpful if you will please check if your membership is due to expire and, if so, come to see us at one of our tables (inside the North Stand turnstiles and near to the East Stand) to arrange your renewal. This for most people will take no more than a minute. If you are unsure, we will quickly be able to confirm your present status.

Adults will have the options to renew for 1 year(£1), 5 years (£4) or 10 years (£7) and you will simply be asked to confirm any changes to your contact details and where you usually sit/stand in the stadium.

We will, of course, be only too pleased to sign up new members and anyone, wishing to enter into conversation will be most welcome.

It goes without saying that your assistance in enabling us to complete this massive exercise will be very much appreciated.

Thanks for your continued support !