On behalf of KHIST and the Kidderminster Food Bank, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the generous donations received by the Trust, whilst manning collection points, at Aggborough , on Saturday. We were confident of being able to rely, once again, on the generosity of the local community in support of our appeal and, were not disappointed.

Having explained the increased demand on our local foodbank and concerns of even bigger demands with the setting in of a cold Winter, Harriers fans and others have achieved a really impressive response.

Pre-Christmas Appeals in 2014 and 2016 contributed some 197kgs and 155kgs of foodstuffs respectively and we set an ambitious target this year of 200kgs. We can now confirm that, not only has the previous record been broken with exactly 200kgs having been donated but there was also the sum of £85.20 in collection boxes. This, when considering that money can be ‘tight’ in the weeks before Christmas, was an excellent result.

A great effort by all those involved.

Well done everyone!