More Harriers’ fans joining KHIST

The board has made concerted efforts over the past 3/4 months to contact as many members as possible, taking into account the restrictions of GDPR Regulations, but there are still a few people who we’ve been unable to reach. These supporters will still be able to renew, either online or via a KHIST board member, but we’ve now decided it’s time to call a halt to what has been a time consuming campaign, in order to deal with other priorities.

A few Trust supporters will now be finding that they are unable to access the ‘members only area’ of the KHIST website and, if that can’t be simply explained as having forgotten a password, it’s quite probable that they have not renewed their membership for 2018/19. If you are an unintended, lapsed member but still wish to continue your support of our efforts and ambitions, please make contact with one of our board (or renew online) as soon as possible. If your access to the restricted area of the website has been lost in the meantime, it will then be quickly reinstated.

It’s been most pleasing – in addition to membership renewals – to have recently recruited 75 entirely new adult members, a good number of whom are young Harriers fans, who are the future of both the club and the Trust …. both need their support !

We are now turning our attention to communicating with more potential new members, many of whom will be young, passionate Harriers fans. They may, however, be unaware of the importance of fans’ representation and, the significant role played by KHIST over the past decade, both in ensuring the continued existence of our football club and in helping to fund its success on the pitch.

As at the last count we had 350 adult, 10 junior and 11 corporate members.

KHIST is reliant on the strength of its membership and EVERY member is valued !