A positive appointment

KHIST would like to welcome Mark Yates back to the dugout, in advance of his first match against Chester on Saturday.

It’s no secret that Harriers’ recent performances have been well below the standards our supporters expect and there’s a desperate need for a change of direction.  Mark is ‘Harriers through and through’ and his appointment has been well received. Success in football is judged solely by results, so we hope he will now be given free rein to manage in his own way. With MY ‘you get what it says on the tin’. He has the experience and capability to refocus team tactics, rebuild confidence in the squad and improve performances on the pitch. He’ll not over-complicate matters but will keep things simple (something the players will undoubtedly appreciate). He has a passion for the sport and will insist on hard work and loyalty.

There’s still every chance that the club’s current form can be reversed and sufficient points accumulated over the next three months to achieve a playoff spot. We’re confident there’ll be no lack of effort to achieve that ambition and, the players themselves, will respond strongly to Mark’s enthusiastic leadership. He has a difficult task but is well capable of achieving something special. That will certainly be welcomed by Harriers’ fans and we wish him every success.

Good luck Yatesy !