An extract from the record of recent board discussions

The KHIST Members’ Draw

The board is most grateful to Mark Stockley for his very generous donation of £100.00 towards KHIST funds, and to Stuart Walstrom, who has donated his winnings to help us maintain attractive prizes, whilst the competition continues to gain in popularity.

It’s now planned for the next draw to be held at about 2.00pm on Saturday, 23rd May.

A few members have arranged to make their payments in cash but, during the continuance of social distancing, they may have difficulty in ensuring that these are received in good time (unless otherwise agreed, by the 20th of the month).

It’s a rule of the competition that:-

“Entries for which advance payments have not been received will remain in the draw but, if then drawn as a winning number, the prize will be ‘rolled over’ and included in the prize pot for the following month”.

To avoid disappointment, we have suggested that, at least for the time being, members should consider arranging a monthly standing order.

In response to our appeal for many more KHIST members to take part in the competition, we have been pleased to accept several new entries via the facility on our website. However, it’s important for many more of the club’s fanbase to get involved. We’ve made clear that “there’s always the potential need for urgent funding and, we must be as prepared as possible”. Covid-19 raises its own additional concerns.

Note: Whilst the draw is restricted to Trust members, any Harriers’ supporter can apply for KHIST membership, with options to join for 1, 5 or 10 years, on completion of an application form and payment of a nominal fee. The 5 years membership (fee £4.00) can be arranged at – memberships fall due for renewal on 1st September.

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