Assets of Community Value at Aggborough (ACV)

The Trust is delighted to report having again been able to persuade the Wyre Forest District Council to list (i) the Aggborough Stadium, (ii) the adjacent car park in Stadium Close, and (iii) the Kidderminster Harriers Social & Supporters Club (incl. its car park) as an Asset of Community Value. This decision is subject to the owner’s right of appeal within 8 weeks but, as the owner is in fact the Wyre Forest District Council, we believe we can be confident that this right will not be exercised.

As the Nominator, KHIST, will now be entitled to be informed if the ACV is to be sold and, would then be given a period of 6 weeks (moratorium period) in which to decide whether or not to make a bid for the asset. If we were then to decide to proceed with a bid, we would be allowed to do so within 6 months (the full moratorium period). The property could only be sold (to someone other than a community group) when the full 6 months moratorium period has expired.

The ACV will now be included on the Wyre Forest District Council List of Assets of Community Value for a period of 5 years until 30 September 2024, or until it’s sold or no longer considered to be of ‘community value’.

KHIST has no reason to believe that the Stadium , the Car Park or the Social Club are likely to be under threat of sale in the foreseeable future but, we have taken this step in order to give us the opportunity, on behalf of our members, to seek the support of local businesses, potential investors, benefactors, the Wyre Forest Community, Harriers’ supporters and any other interested parties, should that unexpected situation arise. We recognise that a successful campaign would require a tremendous commitment from our members and supporters but, the future security of our football club is the prime founding priority of the Trust and, as on previous occasions when KHIST has been called upon to ‘take the lead’, we believe we can be confident of that commitment.

It is, of course, essential that the Trust is seen to have the support of the vast majority of the Harriers fanbase in our efforts to represent supporters’ present and long-term interests. If you are not already a KHIST member, make sure you complete and return an application form as soon as possible. If you need to ask questions, our board members will be only too pleased to respond.