Chairman’s Report

Its with a heavy heart that I write these annual Chairman’s notes.

Having been a KHIST board member for the last seven years and Chairman over the last two I have seen so many highs and lows in the Harriers fortunes and that of the Trust.

Unfortunately I am now finding that I cannot commit myself to the job in hand due to the many other influences in my personal life.  So I will be standing down as Chairman and board member with immediate effect. 

I can however reflect on another successful year for KHIST as my tenure comes to an end.  So what did KHIST achieve last year I hear you ask?

Well by keeping our subscription fees to £1.00 for Adults and 50p for under 16’s we saw out membership increase to 304 (at the time of writing).  Vindication that our policy was correct in the current financial climate.

This has enabled us to reach far more fans than ever who in turn helped keep funds flowing into our coffers.  KHIST in turn were able to assist the club more than ever.

We organised the Executive Box Raffle for the club raising approximately £900.00 in the process.  We ran raffles for our own funds and held bucket collections as well.  Couple this with the collecting boxes we received from a number of public houses in the Kidderminster area and you will see that funds have been regularly flowing into us.  These funds have allowed us to make numerous contributions to the club to help with its day to day running.

We have –

1) sponsored Nathan Hayward

2) continued to fund and advertising board in the ground

3) sponsored the centre page of the programme

4) continued to fund the player of the month competition

5) made a significant contribution to the refurbishment of the Harriers Arm

6) help bring in Tim Flowers as a goal keeping coach

7) continued to contribute monies to fund overnight stays in hotels prior to long distance away games during the course of the season.

Well done that KHIST board I hear you say but really that’s only part of the story.  It takes a team to be successful and the KHIST board are greatly indebted to Dave Pountney and Dave Williams who have once again put in a sterling amount of work behind the scenes to bring in cash.  In addition to helping out the KHIST board they have once again run their end of season fundraising day at Aggborough and raised £1631.00 for the club.

So where does this leave KHIST well at the time of writing these notes KHIST held in excess of 40,00 shares in the club and new members were joining us by the score.  We are already pas last years total and can count all the current KHFC playing staff and management.  Something that has never happened before.

So its onwards and upwards with the Trusts fortunes.  However the Trust does need help its board is small in numbers and could do with some help.  If any of you feel that you could help in any way either by being a board member or just by selling raffle tickets please step forward  At this point I must thank Mike Teale and his good lady Jacqui for their help in selling tickets for us.  I know that sounds rich from someone who is stepping down but I feel I have become a lame duck of late and that is of no use to KHIST.

Before I sign off I would also like to thank Chris Watkiss, his son and R J Programmes for their continuing support in recycling old programme for KHIST and Phil Lench for continuing to oversee the ‘Buy at’ site.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Now finally but by no means least I want to say well done to the KHIST Fans Team who continue to carry the KHIST banner around the country.  This year they received the highest accolade available to a Fans Team which was voted for by all their fellow fans team representatives a truly great achievement.

Thank you all for your efforts this year.  Here’s hoping for an even better year for KHIST and KHFC this year

Dave Weaver

Chairman KHIST