“Contact Us”

It’s recently come to light that we have had a temporary problem in receiving members’ messages, when posted in the ‘Contact us’ facility of the Trust’s website, and we are most grateful to those people who have drawn this to our attention. We regret any inconvenience caused by the short term-breakdown of communications but, can now assure members and supporters that the problem has been identified and rectified. The facility is now being regularly monitored and your messages are receiving attention.

The Trust welcomes your reasonable observations, questions, expressions of concern, etc., and undertakes to respond to members’ correspondence. KHIST can also play an important role in communicating with the football club on your behalf (anonymously if you prefer) and then responding to you with whatever response is received.

You can use the now operational ‘Contact us’ facility or, alternatively contact the board by email at admin@khist.org.uk