Harriers – Live Streaming 

Several KHIST members have made enquiries as to whether the club intends to continue streaming matches once spectators are re-admitted to Aggborough and, having contacted the club on their behalf, we are pleased to confirm having received a very prompt response from Monica Shafaq.   

We have suggested that, “whilst Covid regulations are being gradually relaxed to allow some supporters to attend football matches, it’s more than likely that, initially, these attendances will be severely restricted. It’s also likely that many fans – particularly those at greater risk – will remain fearful of returning until coronavirus in the community is significantly reduced”. With that in mind, we expressed the hope that live streaming will be continued, at least until the end of the current season.  

It may also be that this service would remain popular with those supporters who are unable to attend at Aggborough on a regular basis?  

Monica has confirmed that the club is planning to continue the streaming. It is however bound by Section 48 Rules of the F.A. Regulations*, which are subject to change. The club will need to change its approach accordingly if these are reviewed but, as it stands, they will be streaming matches.  

We have been asked to be mindful that, when fans are in the ground, “the streaming quality is likely to dip, as supporters will have their phones which will be using data” The club is looking into ways in which this can be addressed but, we are informed, this may take some time.   

We are most grateful to Monica for her positive response.


We have made further, separate enquiries to clarify the effect of Section 48 Rules and have been advised that:- 

Article 48 of UEFA regulations refers to the 2 ½ hour window on a Saturday and Sunday when member associations can block transmission of any football within their territory. This in normal times means there is no football on TV at 3pm on a Saturday to deter fans from attending matches. This block has currently been lifted to allow the streaming of the matches during the pandemic. 

Our understanding is that, the club is planning to stream matches whilst there is no restriction from the FA., but will have to comply with the regulations once the suspension of article 48 is lifted. We assume that the club will also have to take into account any agreement between the National League and BT Sport.

We, will keep members informed, as and when we receive updated information.



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