Harriers Voice Update 2 

The Trust’s board would like to make clear that none of the supporters’ questions, to which responses were included in this recent update from our football club, were submitted via KHIST 

Only one supporter took advantage of our offer to share your questions, and the club’s responses, with other KHIST members. His questions (which were not included in the club’s update) and the response he received directly from the club were included in the record of our board’s discussions – recently posted to the members’ area of this website. 

We’re presently awaiting confirmation that the club will accept your questions, concerns, suggestions etc., when forwarded on your behalf via the Trust, on the understanding that they will be (a) reasonable and respectful and (b) addressed to ‘’harriers voice’ – not personally to Monica Shafaq. In the meantime, our offer to share your direct questions and the responses remains open. 

KHIST is continuing long-term efforts to strengthen the bonds between our football club and its loyal supporters – in all our interests.

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