Join or Renew your KHIST Membership today for a chance to be the official KHFC 12th Man!

Roll up, Roll up, …….it’s here….
the KHIST 12th Man campaign!

Kidderminster Harriers FC 2013-14 Team Photo with 12th Man winner, KHIST Member Tom Paine!

KHIST is pleased to announce that the 12th man draw will continue for the season 2014/2015.

To be entered in the draw simply renew or take out a KHIST membership of £1 and an additional donation of £9, that’s £10 in all for a great opportunity to be part of the official team squad.

The winner of this unique prize draw will:-
… Be included in the official team squad photograph,
… Receive a head and shoulders photograph for you to keep,
… Be named as official 12th man, in both, home and away programmes.
… Have option to make editorial contributions in the match day programmes.
… Be presented with a Kidderminster Harriers shirt, signed by the entire squad.

To be entered into the draw, simply click here to take out or renew your KHIST Membership online or chat to one of our KHIST board members around the ground on match days.

The winner will need to be available for the official photograph and media interviews usually in the first week in August. We will confirm the exact date as soon as it is announced. The closing date is 1st August with the draw taking place at half time on the 2nd August during the Cheltenham game.

Good luck everyone!