KHFC response to KHIST letter

KHFC director Wayne Allen phoned me this morning in response to the letter that was emailed to the club yesterday.

Following discussion with Barry Norgrove the club have decided to hold a fans forum in the next 2/3 weeks. A date will be announced next week.

During the conversation, I felt Wayne was as open as could have been expected. Summary of the call was as follows:

i) The club feel that neither promotion or relegation are likely this season. Therefore the playing budget needed to be cut to reflect this and money could be saved to put towards next seasons budget. Bear in mind that end of season prize money is not awarded proportionally depending on what position a team finishes i.e a team finishing 8th receives no more than a team finishing 18th.

ii) Some players (no names were mentioned) were clearly looking to move on and were more than likely being tapped up by their agents. This was deemed to have affected their performances on the pitch. Therefore, the decision to sell/release them on loan was a joint commercial and footballing one.

iii) I asked directly if the current board were looking to move on at the end of the season. Wayne responded by saying that if this was the case then they would have given a lot more thought to the approach by The Peoples Club consortium last year.

iv) It was felt that an injection of new players was necessary following recent below par performances i.e. Droylsden

v) The board realise the decision to sell Constable and Bevan may have not been too popular but that they have to protect the overall interests of the club. In terms of the fee, Wayne would not reveal (although  to be fair I did not specifically push to find out this information). However, he did point out that the FA have to ratify the deal and so all dealings were above board and would have to be accounted for in the usual manner i.e. end of year accounts.

I think in the circumstances the club should be commended for this quick response. Whether people agree of disagree with these statements, are happy or unhappy, is of course down to personal opinion but this is the information that KHIST have received to date.

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