KHIST 2020 Lottery agents – new initiative

KHIST are offering a new deal to potential (and existing) Lottery Agents … read on: –

Harriers’ supporters will be aware that, when the KHIST board invests in the club, it exchanges monies for KHFC shares, having agreed terms and how the money is used. This has helped Kidderminster Harriers flourish, and at the same time enabled us to increase supporter influence in the club. It’s proved to be a very satisfactory arrangement and over the past 4 years or so has raised in excess of £100,000..

A few months ago, we introduced Agents for the first time and re-launched the KHIST 2020 Lottery. At the time, we concentrated on engaging people who regularly attend Harriers’ matches and, who were able to agree to sell a minimum of 40 lottery tickets every month. Several people were signed up and they now receive an accumulated allowance of 15% of their overall sales to be used for the purchase of their next KHFC season ticket. This method of remuneration was agreed primarily to ensure the retention of funding for the benefit of our football club.

Supporters are well aware of the difficult financial challenges encountered over the recent season, which have necessitated a very significant reduction in Gary Whild’s playing budget for 2015/16. We all recognise that the club must operate within its means. There is now, however a new air of positivity about the club, something that we, at KHIST have encouraged and, in support of which, we are taking a significant role, It’s a time of change and there’s growing enthusiasm about Aggborough, which will be very noticeable to fans when they arrive for the start of the new season.

KHIST (and therefore Harriers’ supporters) are now represented by two directors on the KHFC board and a further two of our Trust board members have accepted influential positions with the club. This very satisfactory achievement realises some of the ambitions of the past 11 years but, the Trust is now, quite reasonably, required to bear its share of Directors’ financial contributions to the football club. This commitment to additional investments, over and above the value of the Trust’s usual outlay, requires a completely different approach to financial planning and, particularly to the necessity of raising considerably more funding. Some of this additional income can be raised from members’ fees, sponsors and donations but, primarily it has to come from an even better performance of the KHIST 2020 Lottery. This will be difficult but certainly not impossible. So, in the first instance the KHIST board has resolved to increase the number of agents and widen the locations where tickets are sold.

We don’t wish to detract from the very successful agreements we have with our existing agents but, do recognise that the method of remuneration does restrict recruitment to Harriers’ supporters who, in the main will live locally in Wyre Forest. We have therefore resolved to attract other applicants, including suitable people  from more distant localities, by offering potential agents, who can commit to selling a minimum of 50 x £1.00 tickets per month, the option of receiving the same fixed percentage of their sales in cash,

An amendment to the standard KHIST 2020 Lottery Agent Agreement to cater for this initiative has been made, which is available for download here.

Applications will be most welcome and these, in the first instance, should be made to:

Dave Williams ( / mobile 07984 625848) or

Dave Pountney ( / mobile 07872 915886)..