Summary of KHIST Annual General Meeting 2008

17 members attended last Saturday after the Ebbsfleet game, including Wayne Allen (KHFC Board Member) and Richard Taylor MP.

Highlights of the meeting included the Chairman’s and Treasurer’s Reports, both of which were approved unanimously. Harben Barker Ltd. were reappointed as the Society’s auditors for the next financial year and those present approved the appointment/reappointment of Sheila Thomas, Dave Weaver and Adi Harper to the KHIST Board.

In the Question and Answer session which followed the formal business, our Treasurer proposed the floatation of a Loan Note Scheme. This was in response to Barry Norgrove’s invitation to anyone with £50,000 to invest to join the Board of KHFC, and is intended to encourage KHIST members and like-minded Harriers supporters, each with £100 or more to contribute, to join together to raise the requisite sum. This proposal was generally supported by the meeting.

It was further agreed that regular meetings with members of the KHFC Board should take place over the coming months to maximise cooperation wherever possible.

In other discussions, various suggestions were put forward to further enhance KHIST membership recruitment, and it was agreed that KHIST supporters would want to see their financial contributions used primarily to support the playing staff and thereby strenghthen the Harriers Team performances.

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