KHIST Appeal for the Nuneaton Borough Supporters Co-operative – Update

Following the KHIST Board’s dismay and disbelief not to have received the football club’s permission to collect donations within the Aggborough Stadium, on Saturday, we are very pleased to have accepted an invitation to set up a collection point for donations on the front car park of the Harriers Social & Supporters Club in Stadium Close (Near to the East Stand turnstlles). This will now be manned before the football match.

We will also have a bucket collection in ‘the Social Club’, both before and after the match, when supporters of both clubs will have matchday access for a nominal sum (KHIST members will, as usual, have free entry on showing their membership card).

We do have to accept that the response to our Appeal is likely to be reduced from what we might have expected, had we been permitted to do a blanket collection in the stadium. We do believe however, that we can count on Kiddy fans to show empathy with Boro’ supporters, in their club’s ‘hour of need,’ and to respond with our usual generosity. After all, it’s not so long ago that KHIST were receiving donations from many other clubs in our successful campaign to avoid the imminent liquidation of our own club.

Please take the time to donate. The good times ebb and flow and It could be us asking for help, next time!