KHIST pin badges

We are delighted with the responses we’ve had from Members and collectors and for the most generous donations we’ve received. The Trust has been able to generate much needed funds on the first batch, most of which has been taken up very much more quickly than we could have expected. We have been taken a little by surprise and stocks are down to the last few, so a further order now has to be placed with the manufacturers.

These are quality metal pin badges showing the KHIST logo

We can re-order and take delivery at short notice but, the cost to the Trust reduces according to demand so, it will be helpful if, over the next few weeks, you will confirm if you would like to have one or more badges reserved. You can either ask a KHIST board member or email to

We’re asking for donations, with a suggested minimum of £3.00 per badge (+p&p as required).

We intend to have a stock available for sale from our online shop once the initial demand has been satisfied and it’s intended to fix the ‘price’ for online sales at £5 per badge (incl. charges). Any member then wishing to make an additional donation will be able to do so, via the ‘donate’ button.

Many thanks for your Support !