KHIST raises £36950 for KHFC in last 12 months

We have just started putting together the information for our Annual Audit, but thought it would be useful to let you all know now what contributions KHIST has given to KHFC in the last 12 months.

Back in April 2010, the KHIST Travel Club provided £600 towards the refurbishment of The Harriers Arms, this being followed in May with KHIST providing £250 for the 12th Man Sponsorship, and also that month £1631 from the KHIST Fans’ Team from the games they played at Aggborough. July saw us hand over £350 for our Ground Advertising Board and August £176.25 for the Programme Centre Pages sponsorship. Then in September the Executive Box Raffle raised £944.

At the Fans’ Forum in November, we and the KHIST Travel Club donated £1000 to the Club.

The main contributions though have been more recent following the media campaign to bring attention to the Club’s plight. Through everyone’s generous donations in cash, cheque and via Paypal, we have been able to give the Club £26,393.12 and the Sons of Beaches gig added another £800.

The 2020 Lottery this year has so far enabled us to pass over £4256.30, and at the moment it looks as if the Lottery will see over £21000 per annum being raised.

Finally, in March, £600 was raised from the Blues FA Cup re-run night, and we have just handed £150 over to assist with scout Lee Sullivan’s expenses following a request from the Management Team.

A magnificent total of £36,950.67

So, a big thank you to everyone for the support you have given to allow KHIST to assist the Club, and to York City supporters who raised another £750 from a bucket collection.

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