New Owners – now we can move on

Having communicated with the club – and personally with Richard Lane – and raised members questions and concerns, as discussed at our recent extraordinary board meeting, we gave our members and other supporters an undertaking to keep them informed of developments,
We are now pleased to have seen, in response, that the club’s long-awaited announcement regarding the change of ownership has been posted to the KHFC website . Whilst this does not answer all the questions raised with the Trust or those posted on social media, it’s good to have had this formal notification of the takeover, including confirmation that Colin Gordon has no ongoing role at the football club and, that considerable progress has been made towards making some important signings. We must now look to the future !
The Trust has previously confirmed that , depending on developments, we would arrange an open meeting for all supporters to determine a course of action and provisional arrangements had been made. Having now seen the public announcement, however, that meeting now becomes unnecessary.
The KHIST board will have a meeting with Richard Lane when that can be conveniently arranged but, more importantly at this time, we must seek to build a new relationship between the club and its supporters and to encourage lost fans to return. We’ve previously agreed with RL that we will arrange a fans forum and have already made initial enquiries regarding a potential date and venue. It’s expected that the format will be as for previous forums organised by the Trust, so when we have an agreement we will make an announcement and proceed to issue tickets.
We have now contacted Richard Lane once again and hopefully, we’ll be able to take steps towards consigning recent differences (none of them of his making) to the past. If the club and the fans can work together, we can achieve a lot more than seems possible right now. With your support, KHIST will continue to play a prominent role.