Norway Fan Club

We have contacted our friends in Norway to confirm that the rapid spread of the corona virus, and the cessation of all professional football in the United Kingdom means that there is no prospect of organising the proposed 5-A-Side competition, in May. Indeed, we will not be expecting their visit to go ahead. Maybe, however, there’ll be a possibility of rescheduling for the Autumn?

We have now received a response from Lars Vegsund on their behalf and have included a couple of his messages below:


“……… I hope you and all the people you know are all good. What a strange and awful situation we all have entered. Let us hope as many of us as possible get through this mess as good as possible”.

“As you mention ……… I think that early autumn is the earliest we can hope for now for this tournament. It is really sad because we already were quite a few that had put their name on the list. As for now we can just hope that all can stay safe and keep our jobs in this crazy scenario”.

“….. keep in touch …… be safe”.



On behalf of our KHIST members, we hope that you, Lars, and all our Norwegian friends are able to stay out of harm’s way and that we’ll see you again, all in good health, when it’s finally safe for us to meet again. Best wishes !

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