Overview of fans forum – 15th February 2008

This is my overview of the evening:

– No plans to really look at ticket pricing structure. However, for clarification they pointed out that under 8’s get in free and students fall into the concessions bracket of £5 deduction from the entry fee. I got the impression ticket prices would be frozen for next season but don’t remember this explicitly being stated.

– Regarding the alleged freebie culture, MY said this does not exist at the club. Players get a couple of free tickets and some may be given to volunteers. In addition, ex players would sometimes be given free entrance but these are all standard practice at every football club.

– MY wanted to keep Constable but James wanted to move into the football league and expressed this desire when he joined KHFC. It seems that JC decided promotion was not going to be achieved this season and so he decided to move to a league club. Whitehead also asked to speak to Telford and was given permission and the club did not want to stand in his way once Stuart decided he would move. Richards was sent out to freshen him up a bit due to MY feeling some fans were getting on his back. Blackwood was considered to be not quite making the impact expected of him and the impression was given that Michael may well not be at the club for next season. Bevan also wanted to play in the league and his contract was up at the end of the season. MY felt that Bevan would not resign and so decided to cash in on him.

– Regarding new players; Mackenzie considered to be experienced and of a decent standard and MY feels a good replacement for Bevan. He gave the impression that Knights was enjoying it at the club and hinted he may be here next year. MY said that Bailey was unlikely to want to leave Wolves but there was always a possibilty. His biggest praise seemed to be for Jones who he felt had already formed a good partnership with Creighton. Regarding, Jeannin, MY said he was a “round peg in a round hole”, and that he felt his performances to date had been good. The point was raised that most of these new players were on loan and not our players. Wayne Allen pointed out that Constable was once on loan and then became our player and the same principle could be applied to some of the recently arrived players. MY could not give any guarantees that any of the loan players would be with us next season.

– Regarding the missing links in the team that some supporters have been pointing out, namely a left back and a creative midfielder, MY gave the following responses. He said that left backs were very hard to come by and virtually every other manager was searching for a quality left back. In terms of creative midfielders he challenged people to name a good creative midfielder within the BSP apart from maybe 4 or 5 players. Again, he felt that these types of players were a rare occurrence at BSP level and below.

– Three Championship clubs had enquired about Michael McGrath although MY was not prepared to name the clubs. He also said that there would be plenty of clubs interested in our wingers, ie Simon Russell/Brian Smikle.

– Setanta give the home teams £5k for having them on the box and £3k to the away team. Barry felt that this did not compensate for the reduction in the attendance figure that a live game caused and therefore was not really keen for the club to be on Setanta. They did say that the coverage was good though and it raised the profile of non league football.

– MY decides how much to offer an individual player in wages, and ratifies it with Barry before making a final offer. Obviously he is set an overall budget and has to work within this. The playing budget has not yet been set for next season.

– There will be a new home kit next season but not yet sure which they will pick. They said they would consider one suggestion of putting the kit choice to a public vote by the fans.

– Scout 7 system is used to provide dossiers on future opposing teams. It is not specifically used to scout players that the club are interested in. At the moment, the club will be picking up the bill for Scout 7 this season.

– In terms of investment in the club, Barry advised that they would decide whether personal investment from the directors would be made once all other sources of income had come in and were evaluated i.e. sponsors, season ticket sales etc.

– The club does not have a business plan due to unpredictable nature of football. Barry felt this would be the same at nearly every other football club.

– When asked about the rumours of the club going part-time, Barry dismissed this and advised that they would be staying full time. He also indicated that they were in it for the long term and wanted to keep the club in the hands of local people who had an affinity for the club.

– They had no issues with KHIST having a stall inside the ground. This will be followed up with the club by KHIST.

– Barry & Wayne advised that KHIST are welcome to contact them at anytime, and should maybe set up a monthly meeting, to answer any questions or concerns that the supporters may have.

– Regarding the FA money not yet being paid, Barry advised that he was frustrated at the dis-organisation of the FA but that there was little the club could do to move along the situation. He pointed out that Stevenage were in the same boat but that they had arranged a meeting with the FA for next week.

– Barry felt that the decline in attendances is down to results on the pitch and also the general state of the economy. They are working to improve performances and results on the pitch and hope that attendances will then rise as a result.

I have obviously not covered every single point made, but if anyone has any questions or comments to make then please contact me.

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