Remaining positive

KHIST have been aware for some time of increased online criticism – both positive and negative – about the Trust’s activities and, in particular to the perceived situation regarding our current relationship with our football club.

If you are a KHIST member, you have been kept regularly informed of the board’s activities, our decisions and our reasoning. Every member has access to website postings, including the minutes of monthly board meetings, which are most informative. It’s our experience that most members who keep themselves informed have been really supportive but, as can be expected, there will always be some people (mainly non-members), who will make their own ill-informed judgements.

Following the sad breakdown of relations with the previous owner, your board representatives have been proactive and in constant communication with our football club to try to agree how we are to work together in future, We are not in dispute with the club, as has been suggested by some, and, indeed, discussions with the club’s board are ongoing at this time. We will, of course, continue to keep our members informed of developments.

Non-members may not realise that KHIST is an independent Supporters’ Trust – presently representing about one-third of the average attendance at Aggborough. Since our formation in 2003, we have invested something like £250.000 in the club and we are substantial shareholders. We do not have unlimited funding, however, and all financial decisions have to be carefully considered, in accordance with the KHIST Constitution – which is available on the website and lodged with the Football Supporters Association,

In normal times KHIST board members will make ourselves available to discuss matters with individuals or groups but, times are not normal. We do however invite supporters to communicate with us by email to . We are never going to educate those who prefer to make their criticisms under the guise of a pseudonym but we would ask any KHIST member with a problem to get in touch with us before raising public debate. We may, of course disagree with a viewpoint but we will always consider and respond.

Free and open discussion is what chatlines are all about and they can be invaluable in enabling interested parties to express their thoughts, suggestions, concerns etc.  and to talk with other like-minded people. There must, however, be some responsibility on those who make postings to check their facts before going public.

We are most grateful to those KHIST members, who have so eloquently expressed their support. We are listening and will continue to represent you to the best of our abilities.

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    IAN – I am very happy with what you and your KHIST Board colleagues are trying to do in exceptionally difficult circumstances and with less than a fully welcoming response from the Club. I also appreciate the updates I receive from you as a KHIST member. You have my full support. – JERRY BARTLETT

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