Ask KHIST – Episode 1

We would like to thank our members for the fantastic response to the launch of Ask KHIST, we have forwarded the following questions to the club.


Q1. Has the club any plans to re – instate ball boys or ball girls for the forthcoming season?

There were a number of times last season where players had to clamber over advertising boards to retrieve balls that had gone out of play.


Q2. A number of our members who were season ticket holders missed out on a ticket for the West Ham cup tie, should the club encounter a fixture as high profile as this again are there any plans to offer a bigger window to season ticket holders to enable them to gain a ticket before they go to general sale?


Q3. We have been asked if there are any plans to reopen the South terrace next season to home supporters – a number of our members have suggested making the East Stand corner the only area available to away fans.

The hope being with Harriers fans in all 4 stands it will amplify the noise in Aggborough and better assist Russ and the boys!!


Q5. Childrens replica shirts were in very short supply last season particularly over the festive period when the club would normally expect some kind of upturn in sales i would imagine.

Will the club be announcing a new home and away kit launch pre season and will there be a greater number of childrens shirts available?


Q6. Staying on the topic of the teams kits, we have had quite a lot of members ask if we could communicate a desire to return to our famous Red & White half shirts (something I am sure yourself, Richard and Neil will confirm are synonymous with Kiddy Harriers!!)

We have received over 50 enquiries in relation to this over the last 2 years so there is certainly appetite for this.

Are there any plans to return to our famous home shirts?


Q7. A number of our members have voiced serious concerns in relation to the behaviour of some of our younger fanbase.

We received over 20 emails from fans who travelled to AFC Leamington on May bank holiday Monday stating that over 100 of our younger fans made their way to the home enclosure and spent the last 20 minutes of the game systematically taunting and goading the home supporters.  It was fortunate that a major incident did not ensue, had this been at Stockport or Darlington it may not have been the case.

In higher profile away games, Hereford, Telford, etc., would it be a consideration to send the more experienced KHFC stewards along who would be familiar with elements of the fanbase and also ensure this type of behaviour does not reoccur.

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