KHIST Annual General Meeting

Taking into account the present situation at our football club and the most encouraging surge of support for the Trust, we are expecting an unusually large turnout for the AGM, on Saturday evening.

We do have to ensure that attendees are all current KHIST members and will be taking a register on the door, so It will be most helpful if you can show your membership card. We can then quickly take your name and number, without the need for a records check. Be assured, however, that this is not a requirement and those members who cannot find their cards will not be excluded.

If you have yet to renew your membership, you will be asked to do this before the meeting, and, intended new members will also have the opportunity to join the Trust, on completion of an application form and payment of a modest fee.

Whilst all attendees will be welcome to take part in discussions, the Society’s rules require that to vote on any of the resolutions during the AGM, you must have been a member on 31st July 2019.

The AGM will commence at, or shortly after 5.00pm in the main function room of the Social Club. This will be followed by the usual question & answer session, which could be interesting!  We recognize that there will be expressions of differing views and would ask all attendees to respect those of others. We all have the interests of Kidderminster Harriers at heart.

Thank you for your loyal support!