Lapsed members

It’s been extremely difficult, since being faced with Covid-19 in March, for us to stay in contact with all our members and, as announced in July, existing memberships were then extended by 12 months, without the need for a fee payment. A recent check of the Trust’s records has, however, revealed that there are several former members who did not renew for the previous year and, it now appears that some of these are unaware that their memberships have expired.

We do not list members’ names on this website so, if you are unsure whether your membership may possibly have expired, would you please check your card for a 2019 renewal date. If you have inadvertently not renewed – or possibly don’t know because you’ve mislaid your card – please let us know at the email address shown below or contact a KHIST board member, without delay. Your continuing support, together with that of many other Harriers fans, can make a real difference.

Note:- Membership cards with a renewal date of  01.09.2020 are still accepted as current for 2020/21, but anyone needing a replacement should contact the Trust at


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