Members’ Draw – Reminder

Just to remind you that there will be a draw on Saturday (24th October) at approcimately2.00pm. As has been the practice during  covid-19 restrictions, it will be drawn, witnessed and the winners then identified by KHIST board members, acting separately and remotely  from each other


This month there will be an increased prize pot of £350.00, including £50.00 of the sum donated from the September draw (the £50.00 balance will be used to boost next month’s prize pot).

The winning numbers will be announced on social media immediately after the witnessing has been confirmed. The lucky winners will then be identified later in the day and the results posted to this website.


The deadline for entries to this month’s competition is upon us, but you can still arrange to take part in forthcoming draws, including the special Festive Draw, to be held during Christmas.

Please go to the featured post on the home page of this website ( and follow the links…… Thank you !


KHIST is for the long-term and, with members support, we’ll be strong when it matters.


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