Open response to the club

Further to the recent Supporters’ Open Meeting and correspondence shown on this website, the KHIST board has agreed to keep supporters informed.

Until recently our efforts to communicate with the club have made little progress but, we have been assured that there is a desire to “move forward” involving KHIST, and that a meeting sometime in January can be organised. This may, hopefully, be an opportunity to build bridges.

The letter shown below was emailed to Richard Lane, yesterday:-


Dear Richard
We have received a response to our open letter of 15th December, which was addressed to ‘The Owners of Kidderminster Harriers Football Club and have since delayed this further communication, pending your return from holiday.

We have been most grateful to have received responses directed via Matt Paddock, on your behalf, but remain concerned at the lack of progress since the meeting on 3rd September and consider it unlikely that continuing exchanges of emails will serve to improve this situation, in the short term.

We have been assured that you do want to move forward and would like to meet with KHIST sometime in January but, appear to be making the precondition that we review the recent past and make projections for the next 3 years, in advance.

KHIST’s exceptional record of helping the club, particularly in difficult times, is well known. We have already made quite clear that the past 3 years have been difficult times in terms of the club’s relationship with its supporters and have explained why this has been the case. It’s been very disappointing that our very close working relationship with previous boards of directors has not been possible but, it’s clearly in the mutual interests of all concerned for this situation to be consigned to history. We now want to determine our plans for the future and an ongoing relationship, which must depend on continuing communication, discussion and negotiation, taking into account your own plans for the football club – thus our request for a meeting, without preconditions, so that we can move forward together.

We appreciate you may have difficulties in confirming a date for the proposed meeting but suggest that a weekday evening in January might be suitable? We would prefer a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, if convenient, but will be as flexible as possible. Would you please advise one or two preferred options ?

As a side issue, we must strongly refute the suggestion in Matt’s recent email that fans attending the recent Supporters’ Open Meeting were seriously considering the “boycott” of a future home fixture. This suggestion is unfounded. It has, however, been noticeable that many individuals are no longer attending matches; a situation that must surely be redressed without delay.

For the KHIST board
Ian Nash

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