The KHIST Members’ Draw – September 2020.

It’s now clear that social distancing regulations are to remain in force and any plans to hold the monthly draw in public will have to be put ‘on hold’ for the foreseeable future. We will therefore continue to ensure the integrity of the competition by arranging remote scrutiny of draws and identification of winners.

Today’s Draw was completed and overseen by KHIST board members, Chris Wilson and Stuart Walstrom respectively and the undernoted winners were later identified by our Treasurer, Dave Lewis:


                                1st prize £200.00 – number 0055 – Maureen Lewis

                               2nd prize £  60.00 – number 0013 – Stuart Walstrom*

                                3rd prize £  40.00 – number 0006 – Ian Nash*

* The 2nd and 3rd prizes have since been donated by the winners, to be included in the prize pot for the October Draw –  currently planned for Saturday 24th October.


We are now accepting new entries – please go to the featured post on the home page of this website ( and follow the links…… Thank you !



        KHIST is for the long-term and, with members support, is strong when it matters.

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