The KHIST Members’ Draw – sponsored by Wombourne Service Ltd – prizes

The prize structure is under constant review, as we respond to our members’ increased participation, and we’re now pleased to confirm the results of our recent restructuring.

The competition was launched 12 month’s ago in response to members’ requests and , whilst it’s not yet achieving the growth we had expected, it’s fast becoming a valuable means of raising vital income – to fund the Trust through difficult times and help to achieve constitutional ambitions, for the ultimate benefit of our football club and the local community.

Recent responses to our request for more support has enabled us to take the next step – to secure attractive 1st , 2nd and 3rd prizes , without reliance on the generous,  additional sponsorship recently received from both corporate and personal members.

We do not yet have a prize sponsor for the current month but irrespective of this, are pleased that we are still able to confirm continuation of very worthwhile cash prizes:-

1st – £200.00

2nd – £ 60.00 

3rd – £ 40.00 

Whilst we do understand that personal circumstances can be difficult, it’s essential for us to ‘grow’ this fundraiser and we would like to encourage as many of our c.400 members as possible to get involved. The odds of winning a decent prize are good and KHIST really does need your support at this time. Please go to and follow the links or speak to a KHIST board member.

The number and values of future prizes will be increased within the new structure according to the growth of the competition and, of course, those generous receipts of sponsorship money. It’s now intended that reviews will be conducted every 6 months to ensure the prize structure remains ‘fit for purpose’.

The next draw will be held at 2.00pm on Saturday, 26th September.


We are now seeking more corporate sponsors, to join Wombourne Service Limited, who recently signed up for the next 12 months.

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