The Open Meeting for all Harriers’ Fans

Whether or not those attending the meeting after Saturday’s match were KHIST members, the Trust would like to thank all those who turned out (an estimated 70 at the start), in response to our request..

From the outset, it’s been made clear that this was not intended as an opportunity for the KHIST board to communicate any particular message. The purpose of the meeting was for harriers fans (not just KHIST members) to have an opportunity of raising their questions and to discuss their concerns in an open forum. It was hoped there would be some consensus as to how KHIST can best represent supporters’ interests, in the light of the club’s continued, gradual decline and the lack of acceptable communication with supporters since the change of ownership.

There were many impassioned voices, expressing various viewpoints, some with anger and undoubted frustration, but most contributions were positive and practical. These have all been noted and are now being collated. As agreed, we will, once again, be communicating with the ‘new owners’ of the football club, within a few days. Hopefully, this expression of genuine concerns by those who have the interests of the club at heart will attract a respectful response which will allay some of our fears, both for the present and, importantly, for the future.

KHIST will continue to keep supporters informed.

Thanks again for your support of both KHIST and, of course, Kidderminster Harriers Football Club.

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